e are the weavers of our own life. Constantly ruminating everything that revolves around us. People, emotions, experiences and events all connected as you discover life just like the warps and wefts all interlinking into one fine fabric.

The first step in weaving is to decide what will be the purpose of the cloth in life.Based on this the weaver decides the appropriate thread which will be used.Similarly in our life, the values, beliefs and discipline is the very thread that forms the tapestry of our life. This thread builds the very foundation for a stronger future. It is both the soul and breath of our life.  Perseverance is all you need to weave the life you ever wanted.

When you see your life from the perspective of a weaver each hurdle, knots are an opportunity to develop new designs and discover something new in the process. The weaving process itself is the way of life, naturally unravelling the qualities of the artist. Hence, when at certain point when we decide to become the weaver, just like the spider who weaves its thread from its own mouth, we become fully aware of our inhibitions and strength which helps us build a wondrous, woven magic, the tapestry of life.

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Parrag Jaiin Nainutia

Excellent work

Beautiful pictures 🙂

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